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Hi. I’m Matt Burgess.

AKA Burgo, AKA @therealburgo
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Husband. Dad. Marketer. Musician.
Based On The Gold Coast Of Australia.

Hello. Welcome. Put your feet up, make yourself comfortable.

Home Life

Currently Based On The Gold Coast, Living The Family Life.

Most days you'll find me chasing after two kids, doting over our first (fur) baby -- who's getting on a bit these days -- or trying to relearn skateboarding after nearly 20 years off the board.

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Work Life

Marketer Who Helps Brands (Big And Small) Grow.

Started out in SEO, moved into broader digital (paid channels, email marketing, CRO), then expanded into brand work. Now just go by "marketer who helps brands grow". And I'm pretty good at it.

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Musical Life

Once Was Cool.

Back in South Africa, I was in a band called Sitter. It was fun. Then I became a music blogger. It was fun.
Now my playing is mostly confined to worship at church, but I do plan on getting back into recording again soon.

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